If you’ve never entered the Show before, here are a few hints to secure that much coveted ‘1st’! Planning and preparation is key - read the Schedule! It will tell you key information about each Class. Exhibits must comply with the criteria stated in the schedule and risk being disqualified if not met.

  • All flowers, fruit & vegetables should be free of blemishes as this will lead to points being deducted
  • Uniformity is important in vegetable exhibits. Each specimen should be alike in size, shape and colour
  • Wash your root vegetables and tubers with a sponge so as not to damage the skin
  • Most vegetables will deteriorate if exposed to light so cover your exhibit with moist paper until the last moment
  • Fruit should be ripe, of good colour & free from blemishes, with stalks intact & a little above size
  • For preserves, use 1lb/450g jars, labelled showing the preserve type with a plain lid (metal or other)
  • Flower arrangements can be arranged at home & accessories added but natural plant material must predominate
  • Wine & cider entries show be labelled with the year it was made
  • For Craft classes the judge will look for originality, workmanship and presentation
  • Use proper photography paper for your photographs & dont settle for less than your best. Make sure its in focus!

Finally, try not to get too stressed. If you don't receive a placement you would have still learnt alot!