Handicraft includes any handmade item made within the previous year. Adults & children can enter all handicraft classes, just add the child’s age to the entry form & there are also separate ‘children only’ handicraft classes. Don't forget the judge will be looking at how much work has gone into making the item, its design and finish on all sides of the work, so the back of the work must be also be available for judging.

When entering large items please let us know on the entry form so adequate space can be allocated.

Entries are closed now for the ‘Best Dressed Scarecrow’ competition, & photographs have been taken which will be on display on show day. Come & see who has won! This year the Scarecrow theme is a ‘Political Figure’ & can be any size or shape. Only one per household/premises is permitted and they must be clearly visible from the road for judging.

The Photography class themes are Pets, ‘A Holiday Snap’, & Flowers. The classes are very popular and you can use colour or monochrome photos mounted on a single sheet of card (max size 150 x 200cm).